Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) is celebrating its 10th anniversary by transforming its building with a major light installation from international light artist James Turrell.

The installation, which will be revealed to public in early December, will be a permanent feature of GOMA building thereafter. The installation is planned to light up the gallery’s southern and eastern facades every evening.

The gallery’s lead architects, Kerry Clare, Lindsay Clare and James Jones said they envisioned “an artist illuminated ‘white box’ on the building’s main pedestrian approaches”.

GOMA director Chris Saines said the milestone event provided an occasion to realise the architects’ vision. “It needed something like a major anniversary to get everyone galvanised,” Saines said. “It’s like it’s been in hibernation as a project, and I just thought the tenth anniversary was a really good time to wake it up.”

Saines said Turrell will bring a new touch to his work for GOMA. “He’s undoubtedly the world’s most influential artist who works with the medium of light,” he said. “This is a very different kind of Turrell work and I think that will make our building a destination for Turrell lovers.”

Turrell is also slated to be present for the lighting on of the building in celebration of GOMA’s 10th anniversary.

The installation has been in the works since late 2013, funded by private benefactors as well as contributions from the Queensland Government. The gallery’s supporters are also invited to donate through the 2017 QAGOMA Foundation Appeal.