Event: Japanese Film Festival Classics at AGNSW, Sydney

This month, the Japanese Film Festival Classics is returning to the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

With the theme of Passion and Obsession, the festival is screening 16mm and 35mm films from the Japanese Golden Age and New Wave eras. These films not only represent the vision of cinematic legends such as Kenji Mizoguchi and Yoshishige Yoshida, but also offer glimpses into different faces of Japan throughout the decades – from star-crossed lovers divided by class in the Meiji era to early modern feminists fighting against the societal status quo.

The screenings run Wednesdays and select Saturdays and Sundays for free. For the full program and more information, visit the AGNSW’s website.

October 3-31 | Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSW, Art Gallery Road, Sydney

Event/Exhibition: Adman: Warhol before pop

What did Andy Warhol do before the famous Campbell’s Soup Cans? Adman: Warhol before pop seeks to provide an answer to this.

The exhibition, dedicated to the American artist’s early career, focuses on his formative years – from his award-winning work as a commercial illustrator through to his first exhibitions.

Adman features more than 300 objects – from rare drawings and photographs to vintage advertisements, artist books and recreated department store window displays – many on public display for the first time.

A collaboration between The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh and the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, this exhibition is grounded with the backdrop of 1950s New York advertising industry.

For more information and ticketing, head to the AGNSW website.

Temporary exhibitions gallery, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery Rd, The Domain, Sydney 2000 | February 25 – May 28

Exhibition: Yoshitoshi’s ‘One hundred aspects of the moon’ at AGNSW

The Art Gallery of NSW presents the full series of One hundred aspects of the moon [Tsuki hyakushi] by renowned Japanese artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892).

The series, considered as the artist’s masterwork, was created in the last years of Yoshitoshi’s life. His prints draw from stories relating to moon from Japanese and Chinese history, famous legends, literature and theatre as well as folklore and mythology. While Yoshitoshi’s previous works are characterized with grisly and dark themes, many describe One hundred aspects of the moon as “quieter”, with perspective and realism techniques.

Yoshitoshi is recognised as a master of traditional Japanese woodblock printing, known as ukiyo-e, and an originator of manga and anime.

One hundred aspects of the moon runs from August 20 – November 20 at the Upper Asian gallery, AGNSW.

Visual Arts: Archibald Prize Tour 2016

The most anticipated and the most prestigious competition for Australian visual artists and audiences alike is the annual Archibald Prize.

First awarded in 1921, it is one of Australia’s oldest art awards event. Judged by the trustees of the Art Gallery of NSW and awarded to the best portrait painting, the Archibald Prize exhibition is a who’s who of Australian culture – from politicians to celebrities, sporting heroes to artists.

The touring exhibition is an opportunity to see all the finalists in the Archibald Prize 2016.


Entries in the Archibald Prize are also eligible for the following prizes.

Packing Room Prize
First awarded in 1991 and chosen by the Gallery staff who receive, unpack and hang the entries, with 51 per cent of the vote going to the Gallery’s storeman, Steve Peters

People’s Choice
First awarded in 1988 and voted for by the public visiting the Archibald exhibition


If you’re interested in entering next year – submit your works below:

For more information, visit the AGNSW website and follow the prompts: http://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/exhibitions/touring/archibald-prize-2016-tour/