So you’ve gotten the Switch and have already bought the essential games like Mario, Pokémon, Super Smash Bros and/or Legend of Zelda, but you’re ready to explore your other options that aren’t as mainstream. Here are my top favourite indie games for you to choose from:

Hollow Knight

This 2-dimensional game is about an insect knight who fights using a needle for a sword. Originally launched on PC, it’s a beautiful game if you’re into exploring and adventure. The world building and platforming sections keep the gameplay fresh, perfect for when you’re commuting on the train or chilling at home before bed.


Dead Cells

If you’re still after another 2D Metroidvania game with an incredible experience, I recommend Dead Cells. Dead Cells is a good mix of roguelike and dark fantasy genres, offering incredible visuals, intense action scenes and offers an amazing experience.

Night In The Woods

Available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Mac and the Switch, Night In The Woods is a BAFTA award-winning adventure game with a focus on exploration. Unlike most adventure games, Night In The Woods is an arthouse narrative that will stay with you long after the game has finished. It features mystery, melancholy and emotional experience with an anthropomorphic community and when you’re playing, the 2D rendering feels like a visual novel.

The End is Nigh

Released in 2017, The End is Nigh is still a must-have in 2019 if you’re after an indie game that is both challenging and offers satisfying gameplay. If you’ve been a fan of Super Meat Boy, the End is Nigh captures the same tone but delivers a lot of content in terms of game design with incredible music and art.