If you’re a writer, drawer, painter, an artist or a creative of some sort, you would definitely consider turning your home into a creative space. Whether it’s your bedroom corner or the spare rumpus room in your house, there are plenty of ways to revamp your space. Here are few things to consider when rearranging your home:

The Hero: Your Desk
Since we spend the majority of our time tethered to our desk, it’s important to consider what sort of desk we need as well as the ergonomics behind it. Think about the size of your desk and how it’ll fit in your space. If you can – always opt for a bigger desk as it will allow you to work freely without any restraints. As for chairs, you have the choice of a wheelie chair or a stationary chair. For a stationary chair, Charles Eames replicas are currently in style.

Consider Storage Space
To reduce clutter, think about using dividers, shelves, filing cabinets and storage boxes for your books. For desk space, use pigeon holes and trays to organise your documents.

Adding Pot Plants and Greenery 
Breathe life back into your home by adding some pot plants. Add a desk plant like cacti, ferns or succulents and a giant floor plant of your choice. If you’re not big on plants you can also have flowers – peonies and Australian natives are in season.

Think About The Lighting
There’s really no point in decorating your space without good lighting. Especially if you’re a creative, a sufficient amount of light is needed. Arrange your desk near a window for some good natural lighting and buy a warm white fluorescent desk lamp from IKEA  rather than using your main light switch for work. It would give your workspace the tone and ambience it needs.

Inspiration Boards 
Give yourself a constant boost of inspiration and motivation with an inspiration board. Pin images that you like that inspire you and centre it in front of your desk or on a feature wall to inject a bit of creativity into your day.