Last week, the world has lost the iconic and celebrated German Fashion Designer and renowned artistic director at Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld. He was 85 when he passed in Paris due to an ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer. Although he is well-known for his luxury, his mark in the fashion industry and for his controversies, there are few facts that not everyone knew.


  1. His beloved cat, Choupette stands to inherit millions.
    Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette could be in line to inherit a portion of his $300 million-dollar fortune.


  1. Karl had his signature ponytail since 1976.

Before his white ponytail, white-shirt black tuxedo signature look, he didn’t have one. During his years in the industry, he wore his hair long and curly before he changed his grooming style that lasted over 36 years.

  1. He has directed a movie with Pharrell Williams.

Lagerfeld showcased his creative mind in a film called Reincarnation starring Cara Delevigne. The story was based on the birth of the iconic Chanel jacket inspired by a hotel elevator operator while she was on holiday.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld was also a photographer.

Karl Lagerfeld had many ties into the art world – one of them being through his photography. He showcased many of his photography works and has even photographed celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

  1. Karl had a long-term relationship back in the early 1970s.

Karl Lagerfeld was a private man and only revealed details about his late ex-boyfriend, Jacques de Bascher many years later. They were together for 18 years until De Bascher passed away in 1989 of AIDS. During that time, De Bascher had also been in a romantic affair with Yves Saint Laurent which Lagerfeld knew all about and apparently orchestrated. Lagerfeld also didn’t believe in having sex with the person he loves, opening up his lifestyle of hiring high-class escorts for his sexual activities.